About VMS

About Us

Vale Middle School has approximately 125 students enrolled each year, and serves both seventh and eighth grade students within the Vale School District boundaries. With eight certified teachers on staff, students We pride ourselves on having a committed staff who understand the characteristics unique to young adolescents. While small in number, our five full-time and five part-time teachers, along with our principal, are dedicated to guiding our students through what can be one of the most difficult times of their lives. Our goal is to make school an enjoyable experience, where the environment is warm and welcoming, and the students want to come to school. In the transition fr om child to adult, these young people are amazing doers and thinkers. Those of us who work with them take great delight in seeing the world through their eyes. It keeps everything fresh, and no two days are ever the same. Somewhere inside them are the seeds of what they may become, and we take great pleasure in watching them develop and grow.

Our Campus:

In August, 2019 , students and staff moved into a new, state of the art building, located behind the existing Vale High School campus. The new middle school campus includes nine classrooms, a science lab, and library. A gymnasium, wrestling room and locker rooms complete the building, and outdoor basketball courts are a favorite community destination. The close proximity to Vale High School allows students to share the recently remodeled food service facility,

Promotional Policy

This policy states that any student that receives an F in any course will not be considered for promotion to the next grade unless he/she meets the promotion requirements. The purpose of this policy is to hold students accountable for their education. We want students to understand that failure should never be an option. This policy prepares students for High School w here a failing grade will result in a loss of credit.

Extra-Curricular Activities

To foster the development of the intellectual, social, emotional, moral, and physical needs of our students, we have several programs that help reinforce the positive aspects of their lives.

Athletics: Students at VMS also have access to many extra-curricular activities throughout the year. Football, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, wrestling, and track are offered during the year. Students compete in the Western Idaho Conference, (WIC), league. Other activities, including tennis club, Academic Club, Chess club, and Battle of the Books are also available to students, as well as a variety of community service projects organized by the student council.