COVID-19 Support Page

This page is intended to provide you with the most useful information you need to help get us through the extended school closure associated with the current outbreak. Below you will find links to all the relevant teacher resources needed during this time, as well as some support videos for both students and parents. We have also included some useful links to downloads that might be necessary during this time.

Teachers Pages: (Google Classroom Pages)

Most of the teaching and learning will be taking place within Google Classroom. You can find the appropriate portal for each teacher by clicking the links below and adding their classroom code to add their class. You will also see teacher contact information via email and phone numbers. All teachers can be reached by dialing 541-801-3178. You will then need to enter their three digit extension.

Ms. Jossi (7th Math xv5pgtg)

(Pre Alg. ikoh7zb)

Ms. Jossi (8th Math uwoix3s)

Mrs. DePauw (8th ELA 3nu2nnk) 2nd +5th

7th Period (yrjkqow)

Ms. Rysdam (7th ELA 7pefjmg)

Mrs. Shaffer (Art fjtxvx3)

Mrs. Wieland (Counselor)

Mrs. Seals (Special Education)

Mrs. Barras (8th Grade Scheduling Class) upakd73

Download Zoom Application by clicking this link

There are multiple versions of their software. It is dependent upon the type of device you are using, so head over to their page and download exactly what you need.

Zoom Classroom Session Schedule

(Starting April 13th, 2020)

Monday & Wednesday

1st Period 8:00 - 8:40

2nd Period 9:00 - 9:40

3rd Period 10:00 - 10:40

4th Period 11:00 - 11:40

Tuesday & Thursday

5th Period 8:00 - 8:40

6th Period 9:00 - 9:40

7th Period 10:00 - 10:40

Master teacher schedule.pdf